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The Oast House!

The Oast House!

You already know I love chilled places ! This a ‘pub’ essentially but a nice one its very nice and warm when you walk in…

What I don’t appreciate, is walking in and no-one kinda like meeting you to be like hey, so this is how the process is here ! 

But its okay, because I don’t really mind being like I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IM MEANT TO BE DOING blah blah.. 

Anyways the interior is deffo to my taste! I LOVE IT , its all wood/oak/chandeliers/ great lighting/ fire place and lodge house vibe ! 

The waiters have been friendly so far, the guy that took my order was nice. 

I ordered steak and ale pie with mash and mashy peas, with some gravy! YES PLEASE what a classic and guys this is YUM!!  

Steak and Ale Pie- So subtle in flavour but packed with so much flavour at the same time – OR maybe its the gravy?? To be honest don’t really care 

The mash and mushy peas – a classic combo that can never go wrong. 

I would deffo grade this place a 6/10 . The perfect place for hanging out with a group of friends having good food, great drinks and a even better atmosphere 🙂 

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  • Oh wow! Congrats you’ve officially made me hungry at midnight 🙂 , I’m pretty sure they are closed now, so, I think i’m just gonna go grab sommat out my fridge 😐

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